Sump Pump Services
A basement flood is something that no homeowner wants to face. This is a truth the folks at Metro Rooter Plumbing Service have learned firsthand over four decades in the plumbing service business. Unfortunately, if the proper precautions are not taken, a flooded basement has the potential to damage not only the structure of your home, but the precious mementos you store in your basement. Basement floods can be caused by:

  • Ground Water Seepage
  • Improperly Installed Basement Bathrooms
  • Poor Waterproofing
  • Improper Construction
  • Excessive Rain Fall Or Snow Melt

These disasters can be avoided with the installation of a sump pump and ejector pump in your basement.

Sump Pump Solutions

A sump pump will help keep ground water, excessive rain or snowmelt and water seepage due to poor waterproofing from flooding your basement. A sump pump works by draining the water that enters your basement into a basin and pumping the water out safely through the use of a pump. These appliances work by continually monitoring the level of water in the basement and pumping when the levels reach a certain level. You have two choices for sump pumps:

  • Submersible
  • Pedestal

Both of these options work well in preventing floods and the experienced pump installers at Metro Rooter can help you decide on the best option for your home. We will also recommend that you have a backup pump installed to prevent a flood in the event of power failure.

Ejector Pump Solutions

Basement bathrooms often sit below the plumbing that routes sewage out of your home. Since water does not flow up on its own, it needs a little help to get to the sewage system. That is what an ejector pump does–it provides a boost of power to route the sewage into the pipes that lead out of your home. Ejector pumps also grind the waste to make that journey easier.

Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps can experience a few issues if they are not maintained or operated correctly; these include:

  • Clogging In The Pipes
  • Motor Failure
  • A Pump That Is Too Small For Your Home

If you experience any of these issues, it is critical you arrange for a Metro Rooter technician to come out to your home as soon as possible to remedy the problem.

Common Ejector Pump Issues

Ejector pumps grind the waste to make it easier to route it to the sewer system. It is common for basement bathrooms to clog due to improper use of the toilet. You should avoid putting the following things into the basement toilet:

  • Sanitary Items
  • Wipes
  • Excessive Toilet Paper

A flooding basement without a sump pump can be a recipe for disaster. So don’t wait until it’s too late—just call Metro Rooter! Call 817-933-7578 to schedule a service appointment and make sure you are never faced with the headache of a flooded basement.