At Metro Rooter Plumbing Service, we know that overcharging is one of the problems that plague our industry. Over the last 15 years, we’ve built our reputation based on fair prices and great quality of work.

We charge correctly and fairly for our work. We always charge according to our quoted rates because we believe in giving a value for money services, as we rely on the recommendations of satisfied Metro Rooter Plumbing Service customers.

Our policy on overcharging is unequivocal, we do not tolerate it. In fact, overcharging is grounds for immediate termination. In the unlikely event that one of our technicians ever deliberately disregarded this policy, they will be terminated.

We will always take responsibility for our charges and if you think you have been overcharged, please call our office. We will resolve your issue, verifying times charged for, and material costs. If found that you were overcharged, then a refund will be made accordingly.

Ricks Plumbing Service will:

  1. Not overcharge customers under any circumstances.
  2. Not carry out any unnecessary work.
  3. Not talk customers into any work that is not needed.
  4. Not charge for any wasted or unnecessary time when undertaking your work.
  5. Not charge for two tradesmen on two-handed work unless necessary – an apprentice will be used wherever possible.
  6. Not charge for excessive time spent collecting materials, collection times over 30 minutes must be agreed with the customer.
  7. Not charge an excessive trade markup on materials.
  8. Not charge for unnecessary time spent away from the job, and always keep customer informed when leaving the job.
  9. Not charge for lunch breaks.
  10. Not charge for non-work related phone calls, or engage in them during working time.
  11. Make sure we present an invoice showing a comprehensive description of work.

If you feel you’ve been overcharge by one of our technicians, please contact us at 817-933-7578 or email us at [email protected] and we will resolve your issue.

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At Metro Rooter Plumbing Service, our technicians will arrive on time and will perform all work to code with top grade material, assuring your family and home’s safety. Work is done efficiently and upon completion, all jobs are followed by a thorough clean up, and complete respect is given to your home. Our trucks are stocked with a wide selection of repair items, tools, and emergency equipment enabling us to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, click here or you can call us at 817-933-7578.

About Metro

Metro Rooter Plumbing Service specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services in Cleburne, Texas. Family-owned and operated in Cleburne since 1999, we’ve built our reputation on over a decade of superior customer care and expert service. With quality, reliability and efficiency always in mind, Metro Rooter Plumbing Service is committed to providing outstanding service and quality work to Cleburne home owners and business owners.