Licensed Plumber
Just because a plumber you’re considering has a plumbing license doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he or she is the best plumber for your particular job. While every plumber will know how to unclog a drain, there are plumbers that specialize in certain aspects of plumbing, and therefore would be more qualified for more difficult plumbing jobs.

Licensed Plumber

Common plumbing license levels in the state of Texas are apprentice, tradesman, journeyman, and master plumber. Each of these ascending levels is qualified to perform progressively more complex plumbing jobs.


An apprentice license, which is at the bottom rung of the plumbing trade’s ladder, is awarded to anyone who meets the age requirement and completes the application process.


Next up on the ladder is the tradesman license. In order to be eligible for a tradesman license, one must hold an apprentice plumber license and have accumulated at least 4,000 hours, or about 2 years, working in the trade under the direct supervision of a licensed plumber and the general supervision of a Responsible Master Plumber.


Moving up the license progression, a journeyman license requires one to hold a current tradesman license and have accumulated 8,000 hours, or about 4 years of experience working in the trade under the general supervision of a Responsible Master Plumber.

Master Plumber

Most plumbers never actually obtain a license as a master plumber. For the few who do continue on to become a master plumber, the process takes at least 5 years working in the trade and they must pass a state sanctioned test. Most master plumbers will take more than 10 years working in the trade before they obtain their master license.

There are also special licensing requirements in most states for plumbers who want to work with natural gas pipelines. These plumbers are sometimes called, “gas fitters.” Gas fitter licensing occurs at different levels also. Furthermore, many states require separate licensing for propane gas fitters and natural gas fitters.

If you contract with a master gas fitter or a master plumber, you can be sure that they will be qualified for whatever kind of plumbing job you need done. Many journey level plumbers are able to perform a lot common work on their own as well.

Metro Rooter Plumbing Service employs master plumbers, as well as journeyman, tradesman and apprentice plumbers. We work hard to provide our plumbers with the training and experience necessary to advance their license status and provide our customers with the very best quality plumbing installations and repairs, along with great customer service. So, if you need plumbing help from a wide range of common to complex problems, call Metro Rooter Plumbing Service!

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