Washing Machine Hoses – Don’t Neglect them!

Washing machine hoses are one of the most neglected and potentially damaging maintenance disasters in your home. They are those thin, flexible hoses that attach your washer to your water source. They can burst and flood your home with tens or even hundreds of gallons of water!

Your furnishings, floor coverings and heirloom keepsakes are worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Why put them at risk over something as simple and inexpensive as new washing machine hoses. The investment of $50 or less, in new washing machine hoses is well worth avoiding the costly damage, messy inconvenience, and loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms that can happen when your washer’s hoses burst or leak.
Washing machine hoses are under constant pressure when being used, and failures cause about $150 million in damage each year. To reduce the chance that your hoses are going to fail, inspect them regularly.

The water hoses that came with your new washing machine might leak or even burst over time. It really is a good idea to check these hoses now and then for signs of wearing and weakness. Sometimes there can be a little blister within the rubber of the hose, which could break. Many manufacturers suggest replacing the hoses every couple of years. A little preventive maintenance can potentially save you from disaster!

What Should I do?

There are a few options when replacing your washing machine hoses. You’ll find two basic selections of hoses offered in hardware shops, reinforced rubber and stainless-steel reinforced.

Reinforced rubber hoses are similar to hoses utilized by your parents (and maybe your grandparents). Although the earlier kinds had been plain solid rubber, modern hoses are reinforced with a braided rayon or polyester mesh to enhance bursting strength. When you select this kind of hose, make sure the label says “reinforced” or you may be purchasing a low-quality hose.

A newer and more durable solution would be the stainless steel braided hose, frequently referred to as “burst-proof” or “burst resistant”. The construction is an extremely flexible plastic hose encased in a twisted, flexible mesh of stainless steel wire. This sort of hose is more resistant to physical damage such as cutting and twisting than rubber hoses, and normally carries longer guarantees, but don’t necessarily last longer!
When you become a member of our Preventive Maintenance Program, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your washing machine hoses, as well as the rest of your plumbing system has been thoroughly inspected by a licensed plumber!

Whether you have Metro Rooter Plumbing Service inspect your washing machine hoses, or you choose to inspect them yourself, please be sure they get inspected at least once a year!



Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plumbing system is working properly!


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