At Metro Rooter Plumbing Service, we understand that your sewer main is an important part of the plumbing system within your home or business. If your sewer main is in need of replacement, it will show signs of deterioration including:

  • Erosion Around The Sewer Main
  • Damaged Sidewalks And Driveways Due To A Leak
  • Poor Drainage In Your Home Sinks Or Toilets
  • Strong Smells
  • Backup Of Water In Showers And Tubs
  • Visible Leaks Around Your Property
  • Known Damage From Landscaping Or Construction

Sewer Main Replacement Solutions

The first thing we will do is inspect the actual sewer main to determine whether or not your sewer main needs to be replaced. We will use both visual inspection and camera inspection to determine the extent of the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may be able to repair the sewer main using pipe lining techniques. These techniques use epoxy or resin to line the existing sewer main and repair holes, gaps and breaks. If your sewer line is damaged beyond repair, we will need to do a total replacement.

Sewer main replacement can be an extensive process and may require us to excavate your yard and property. We understand the stress this may cause and will make an effort to reduce the amount of damage done. We will also help in returning the area back to normal after the replacement has been complete. Since the sewer main ties into the city sewer system, we will also handle all of the needed permits and inspections the city or county may require.

Sewer Main Replacement Benefits

In some cases, a repair may be possible but may not be the best option. Sewer mains need to be completely problem free to allow proper function. If you just do small repairs every time you have a problem, you will become far too dependent on your local plumber as more and more problems develop. Replacing your sewer main can help:

  • Alleviate Constant Drain Issues
  • Increase Your Home Value
  • Give You Peace Of Mind

Do not make the mistake of ignoring a sewer main problem. It won’t fix itself. Call Metro Rooter Plumbing Service at 817-933-7578 today and get the problem checked out before it’s too late.